On June 30, 2011 I joined a sailing club out of CFB Trenton. It’s called Quintesailabilty catering to people with either mental or physical disabilities. You start out in what is termed ‘the white sail program’ which has three levels, then onto bronze and silver. Each level step offers you more in depth learnings about your sailboat and the art of sailing. I’m competitive and was very keen when they asked me if I would like to race. There are racing regattas where you can go and represent your club as well as hone your skills and of course have fun. So my first race is in Pointe-Claire , QC on July 30/31. Then on to Toronto , Kingston and the finals in a 5 day event in Hamilton. I’ll post some pics soon, the boat I race is called a Martin 16 if you ever want to look it up…..ahoy mates!

hand cycling

hand cycling

In June 2011, I purchased a recumbent bike. The model I got is a hand powered bike. It was manufactured in Ohio and it’s arrival opened up a whole new world for me. Now I can tag along when Marijo goes for her runs instead of keeping up in my power wheelchair. It was tough to pedal at first as I could only use one arm (oh big bicep now). My prosthetist has now manufactured a prosthetic I can use for the left arm and now I can somewhat keep up with Marijo when she rides her bike. One of our favourite things to do is getting up early on a Sat morning and going for a ride along the river – ending up at the market and sharing a great cup of coffee. Next goal (and this maybe a stretch) is to go cycling in Europe…..bring on the Alps!



Well if not my number one passion then it’s number 2. I haven’t played 18 consecutive holes yet but have played a few 9 hole games. So far I can only hit a max of 145 yards and struggle to stay cool as the legs heat up in the sun. It’s still an amazing game and I love nature and the company of my friends. I was given free membership privileges from Trillium Wood Golf Course for this year….this touched my heart…thank you. So my goal will be to break 100 a goal I had once many years ago when I was a youngster. I have scored a couple of 54’s so who knows. No matter that I play differently now – bottom line is – a nice cold beer tastes just as good with or without legs….hit ‘em long and straight!

sit skiingSIT SKIING
We loved to ski before Flesh Eating and we love to ski since. I am part of the CADS Sit skiing program and Brimacombe Ski Club in Oshawa, Ontario. It’s a lot of fun and something both Marijo and I can participate in.

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