Failure is “Not” an option….is it?

shapeimage_4-1I once had a very smart sail racing coach tell me “it’s not the result, it’s the journey”. On Sept 20th a few short days away Marijo and I along with several family members and dear friends will participate in the Canada Army Run in Ottawa.  Flesh Eating disease robbed me of many things in life and caused some serious adjustment to even the simplest of tasks. On Sept 20th I get to claw one of these restrictions back from its grasp.

I never had the opportunity to run in a half marathon (21.1 km) as an able-bodied person.  This year in April after having completed my first 10 km as a disabled person I said to Marijo “What do you think…can I possibly do a half?”

I knew where I wanted to attempt to do this as I had participated a couple of times in the Ottawa Army Run in the 5 km portion.  I approached the facilitators of the run to see if it was even an option. They have been amazing at helping me to accomplish my goal. If I complete it , it will take approx 5 hrs. I’m thinking this pretty much guarantees me a last place finish. Since I get a 15 minute head start as I’m in the Ill and Injured category, I’ll likely be one of those rare athletes that will go from first to last in the same event. The only difference being is you are going to see a very big smile on my face when I cross the finish line.

I wanted to take a few moment to send out some thank yous to those who have worked to help me get ready for the big day:

  • Body Maintenance who has donated many free massages while I’ve been in training…thanks Cloud (yes, that’s her real name).
  • My Prosthetist Marty from Motion Specilalities in Kingston who has made many adjustments and implementations to my gear and who will also be running in the 1/2.
  • Marie Andree my Physiotherapist from Ottawa who will walk every step with me. She is an amazing inspirational person.
  • A special thanks to Michael Stashin a running guru from Ottawa who given me his time and  many mental theories to aid in my run.
  • To the surgeons in Kingston who told me 5 years ago I’d likely never walk I simply think of a Go Daddy commercial “STICK IT!” (just kidding ..they saved my life).
  • To all my friends and family who will be joining Marijo and I in this event and to all of those that have shouted out encouragement along the way I simply say a heart felt thank you.

I’ve run (ha…I really mean walked) over 250 km to prepare and we are all anxious and ready. IRUN aired me on TSN 1200 Ottawa if you might like to listen….just go to the 29 minute mark for my portion.

I really, really, really hope I can finish to the end point. I’m excited and pretty nervous. I’m simply going to think of those words I mentioned from my sailing race coach. That’s really what all of life is about.


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