Army run 1/2 marathon training update

new shoesIt’s Bryan – the possibly foolish trialteral-amputee who’s looking forward to his very first 1/2 marathon. Since I signed up for the Ottawa Army Run 1/2 marathon I’ve logged 95 kilometers on #nikeplus. I am following a similar training schedule to an able-bodied runner, walking anywhere between 5 to 10 km runs each time. I have all the same issues able bodied runners have. I hit walls after certain distances, I ask myself “What in the world am I doing this for?”. I wonder if possibly I’m crazy.
At this point in my training I am struggling to get past 10km and I know I’ll have to cover more than twice that on run day. The main issues for me are my back and glutes get sore and also my one leg that wears a below knee prosthetic goes numb by about km 5. I think I have a hip flexer issue as well, which is slowing me down. The good thing is I feel guilty when I don’t train.
My spirits are up and I’m still looking forward to the day when I say to myself “Hey, you might just do this”. My biggest concern now is getting my time under the 13 minute mark per kilometer.
The Army run folks said I needed to stay ahead of the last police car (they were kidding…..right?) and have calculated that I have around 4.5 hrs to complete the race. Working with my prosthetist we are trying out a few leg combinations that will hopefully make things a bit more comfortable for me. My wife Marijo, who will be running in the 1.2, has been a big support in my training.
So now it’s July and its time to work on endurance. I need to get a few runs around the 2.5-3 hrs in duration. Happy training everyone!

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