Musings of an Amputee

It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve last written and there’s much to catch up on. My good friend Ron Gray used to tell me that denim shrinks in the winter….it’s true! After not having worn my left prosthetic leg for almost a year I tried it on one day and my belly overflowed the top of the portion I sit in. I was mortified and Marijo simply said it appears you might have put on some weight dear or she said I was fat…can’t remember exactly. I’ve never been big in my life and immediately I vowed  to get in shape. I’ve always been stats or goal driven thus I wondered if I trained three to four times a week I might possibly be ready for the Pitter Patter run held at Loyalist college put on by Belleville Community Policing. I wanted to try to see if I could go ten kilometers. I trained covering almost 100km by race day. My brother-in-law, David, walked beside me and I started 1hr 15 mins ahead of the start time to ensure I would finish with the able-bodied racers.

Success! We completed it in 2:04:57. Last year in Ottawa at the Army run my time was 1:06:54 for 5km as I wondered if I could ever eclipse the hour mark. My little grandson Liam who’s 3 1/2 accidentally tripped me as I was 5 yards from the finish line.

 Thanks to all the surgeons, doctors and physio therapists who allowed this to all happen. Next walking event is the Army run in Ottawa in SeptSo whats next the 1/2 marathon I never went in?

Other notes : I’m pretty sure I’ve completed my Culinary course at Loyalist finishing up my year with a final mark of 73%. I will miss my chefs who taught me so much and wish my fellow classmates all the very best in their Culinary careers. The school bent over backwards to accommodate my disability and the most touching thing said to me was by Chef John who said “your family now…there’s always a place here for you”. Thank you Chef John and Chef Karin for being people that enrich the lives of others.


Sailing is still my passion, especially racing but it has taken another small detour. I’ve decided after joining Nepean last year that I will try the Kingston Yacht Club (KYC).  This year as well as sailing in the Martin 16 I will start training in the 2.4mr which is a small single seat sailboat that’s used in the Paralympics.

Funny story…..I had a digital receiver box from Cogeco that I had on a six month “free” promotion and was using it with a second tv in our home. well we simply weren’t watching the tv and I decided to return the digital receiver box to cogeco at the mall. They said were sorry sir but you can’t return this untl May 23rd or we will have to charge you a $75 early cancellation fee…..but I said it was free….go figure.

I’ve been in touch with a young lady Sarah Stott in Ottawa who was waitressing in Montreal this past December. After her work shift she was going home crossed some train tracks and got both her legs severed and both hands and figures were affected. I hope I can give her some encouragement and advice…..stay tuned.

And finally Marijo & I, in a quest to escape snow and ice, have rented a place in Texas near San Antonio for the winter of 2016. We are really looking forward to the adventure – and, of course, the warmer weather.

Go Habs Go

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