Bryan!! Did you pee in the shower?


Marijo is taking a shower and I heard her yelling out at me? I’m trying to train  (educate is a better choice of words) MJ to not talk to me through a door while having a shower. Now males learn at a very early age never to respond to the first request. Remember when Mom yelled at you to clean up your room or come to help her with a task or maybe even a call for dinner. You learn as a male that if it’s urgent you will not have to wait long for the second call and if it’s not heck you get to keep on doing what you were doing such as watching the game on tv. Well wham I get the second call and this time I hear it very clearly “Bryan did you pee in the shower?”. A lot of thoughts roll through my head at this point. Did I? Am I in trouble? If I did how in the heck does she know? Do amputee’s pee in showers? I hopped into the wheel chair and roll up to the scene of the alleged crime. All I could think to say is nope. She looked me in the eye, pointed down and said what’s this? Now I’m feeling like our chocolate lab “Summer” as I clearly remember saying these things to her when she was in trouble. Just like our dog I can’t look her in the eye and find myself slinking down in the chair and turning my head sideways. Pretty sure I heard “did you do this”. I couldn’t think straight , I was panicking. So I looked and then laughed as I knew I was off the hook. A knocked over shampoo bottle above produced a puddle of urine looking colored fluid thus forming a puddle on floor just inside the entrance to the shower.

But hold on now I ask myself quickly going on the offensive. Why did she even ask me? She must feel that I pee in the shower. Hmmm, I saw a news report on this just last week. It’s not all bad. They say you can save the water that the toilet would have used from a flush. They also say urine will exfoliate the dead skin off the bottom of your feet. I’m thinking that one really does me no good. but “if” I had it would have been good for her feet…..right? So here’s something else to add “read here”

So am I guilty? All I can say is what goes on in my shower stays there. And let me be the first to ask… you pee in your shower? 🙂


Editor note, I haven’t blogged in almost a year and have now had the urge to start up again. I like to write about true feelings whether serious or on the humorous side of life like this post. Enjoy and I hope to be writing soon again. Culinary exams (yes I’m still in school) are on tues and I’m already nervous. Cutting a chicken, preparing a Chicken Chasseur dish from it with broccoli then on to making pasta and creating Fettuccine Alfredo.   See you soon!!

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