It’s funny how life works…..

culinary-openerMy wife will tell you that everything happens for a reason and I know many who share this thought with her. Me, I’m not so sure as I simply see how life plays out not feeling the need to understand why it unfolds as it does. I started school at Loyalist college on Sept 3rd taking Accounting. The first week was orientation and I can’t say I was thrilled with it but understood it’s need for first year students. I missed my actual first real day of class as I had committed to share my story with first year Queens students taking Occupational Therapy. A very cool experience as I was expecting 20 or so and actually spoke before a full house of 90 or so. I wish them all well in their schooling. So off I go on Tuesday and Wednesday taking classes and several things happened. I felt terribly overwhelmed not realizing that the full time course I had entered was going to be a 40 hr + adventure per week. I wasn’t really getting it, I didn’t know anyone and boy everyone seemed so young. The disability card reared it’s head and dammit I was nervous. Well I panicked! I simply couldn’t do it and made a very quick decision to pack it in. I returned my books and started the process of getting my tuition money returned.  I honestly felt guilty, felt like a failure kicking myself that I had given up way to quickly. I also admired all the students I was leaving behind knowing they didn’t likely have the option I did.  One thing I did do changed everything around again. I booked an appointment with Chef John from the Culinary course (I had actually done this before I decided to drop accounting) to see if my disability would prevent me from taking Culinary. Culinary was my first choice but I had been sad when the system said it was filled up. We met today and he brought me a loaf of bread just baked…well that won me over better then “you had me at hello”. He told me all about culinary and told me he would work with me to catch me up. As a result next week I’m going to switch to the Culinary course but at pace that I can handle. He was amazing and so was all the staff at the school who help me through this little life panic. So off I go on a different adventure. They are getting me an assistant who will be my hands and feet when I need them. It was cute when Chef indicated I would need books , uniform and steel toed black shoes. I told him the shoes might not be necessary….not like I could really hurt my feet…he smiled, he will get used to my humor. So it is funny how life works, just don’t ask me why as I won’t be able to explain it ……..but others might.

odds and sods

Swam first two unaided laps at our community pool. I kept going sideways but I did it.

I’m going to Ottawa next week to participate in the Army run. Marie Andree will accompany me around the 5km course. Marie Andree was my physio therapist from my stat at the Ottawa rehab center from last December and she is the best! My training is done and I hope to break last years time.

Thanks to Dorothy for sharing her Culinary experience and providing me with insight.

Sailing sadly is over for 9 months.

Marijo is now very concerned that future Chef Bryan will add inches to her waistline….lol

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