So I’m going for an oil change……..

Today starts off like any normal day in my household. There is beautiful rain falling and it just seems so peaceful. I had been neglecting our car, not even a year old yet by not doing my oil changes when I should have. Well like any good disabled person I often will do a quick bathroom requirement to ensure I won’t need to go once I get to where I am going especially after having shared that first cup of coffee with my dear wife. Ok for the embarrassing part, I had on a pair of my sexy underwear (not really) and a pair of gym shorts. I always have to grab this type of clothing with one hand and pull them up separately while trying to maintain my balance. Today I was smart and just got them together and off I rushed out for my appointment. Everything’s going good I get there just a few short minutes away. I park in the disabled parking spot and commence to crutch in on one leg. I went through the power doors and just rounded the partition into the customer waiting area on my way to the front desk. Then it all went terribly wrong! I felt something on my leg and was totally mortified to see this sexy pair of underwear down resting on my foot as I’m swinging through on these crutches. I’m not very religious but the words that immediately came to the fore front of my brain was “Sweet Jesus son of God please don’t let anyone see this”. I looked up saw an older lady waiting for her car and I tried to figure out my next words to her…..excuse my Ma’am I’ve dropped my underwear through my gym shorts could you help me pull them up. I’m dying inside now….sweat is actually starting to bead up on my forehead. I think of Michael Jackson and start to do the moon dance not an easy feat missing a leg. The underwear gets caught under my foot making the walking slippery. Now the good news I do manage to get back out to the car. I throw the underwear under the front seat hoping the oil tech dude doesn’t put the seat back and notice it…..hope I’ve put a smile on your face.

3 thoughts on “So I’m going for an oil change……..

  1. gracebryson August 1, 2013 at 4:24 pm Reply


  2. […] So I’m going for an oil change……… […]

  3. Marie Andree August 1, 2013 at 4:52 pm Reply

    That is way too funny! I too have tears rolling down my face!

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