Random acts of kindness

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Often in my new world of amputations it is assumed I am or was in the military. For sure this gets magnified by living and being around the community of Trenton. Trenton is home to the largest military base in Canada. I have been asked many times regardless of where I have been whether or not I am military. Today I was at our sailing club Quinte Sailability at CFB Trenton Yacht club and Fletch, and our two amazing sailing instructors Alex & Vanessa and I decided to go for a cup of coffee at a Timmies outlet on the base. After having ordered, enjoying our treats a young employee from Tim Hortons came over to me and with a smile handed me a $20 gift card explaining a gentleman approached the counter, purchased the card and told her upon delivering it to me that he wanted to thank me very much for serving our country. Well this always does a few things to me. Firstly I usually feel some guilt that I have been mistaken for something I am not. Secondly the kindest that people have even if they were mistaken. I quickly asked her if the man was still in the store but she explained that he had left. I thanked her very much not seeing the need to have to explain. I handed the card to Alex & Vanessa and told them to enjoy. To the gentleman that bought me this small gift I simply say thank you ….your kindness would surely be most appreciated by all military folks and by myself. I would have loved to have bought him a cup of coffee.

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