Happy 3rd Anniversary

Anniversaries are a funny thing. This past Saturday was May 18th 2013 and just happened to have been the 3 year mark since my life headed in a very different direction. Necrotizing Facsiitis or more commonly know as Flesh Eating disease is a pretty nasty infliction and unfortunately just the item that caused this new direction. I’ve had others who have almost said they are sorry for this anniversary for me as they feel it’s a reminder of something terrible that happened to me. I personally view it quite the opposite. For sure I wished it had never occurred but that fact is that it did and I celebrate the heck out of this date. Each year that now comes and goes seems a time to reflect for all the really cool things Marijo and I have done since. We have participated in many speeches telling our story, traveled to wonderful locations with all modes of transportation. Discovered sailing, ran a few 5km races, got 3 beautiful grandchildren, my son got married, we have an amazing dog and are making our little home a special place to live. Even more important is that I am surrounded with friends and family which I cherish.I know I’ve missed a bunch of stuff we have done but who cares I survived and life is happening. Would I like my legs back….you bet I would! Bring on many many more anniversaries I will love them all.

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