The last speech…..maybe

Marijo and I went at did a speech at KGH (Kingston General Hospital). This was open to the entire hospital and we enjoyed doing it as we are so grateful for all they did for me in my sickness. We felt pretty good about the speech and on the drive home we decided that might be it for awhile for speech giving. We felt the story is getting a bit old and it’s time to turn to a new chapter where disability was not the main focus. We enjoyed doing all of our speeches. We would really like to share this speech with you. It’s a bit lengthy at 42 minutes so get the family and grab some popcorn. Now if your name is Ellen or Oprah we might consider coming out of retirement.

2 thoughts on “The last speech…..maybe

  1. kns544 May 1, 2013 at 7:32 pm Reply

    I understand your perspective. BUT . . . stay open to sharing your story. It is so inspirational and opens up the dialogue on so many relevant themes and messages. At some point I think I will get sick of sharing my story too but sometimes the story can be so important that we have to accept the burden of it as the story-teller to continue to give. Your story benefits everyone who hears it. It inspires. In my case I know I survived so I could tell the story. Something to consider. HUGS from KNS.

  2. gracebryson May 1, 2013 at 7:53 pm Reply

    I do have to agree that you can’t just focus on the disability, but start to focus on the possibilities! You are more than this illness and are not to be defined by it, which I know your not really, you have had such an amazing life since this that you may not have had, had you not experienced this. You are an amazing man and an inspiration to me and many others, things happen for a reason in life and it’s not always our job to understand why? God never closes a window without opening a door, now that you have walk through the door don’t ever look back but continue to move forward. I love you, and proud to call you and Marijo my friends. Tell the world that you are a survivor and a fighter.

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