New personal best but still last….lol

Well Marijo and her brother Jim , David and I competed in the Pitter Patter run this past Sunday. Also along for the third year in a row since my disability was Liam (my grandson) and my daughter Jennifer. It was a cool but windless day which turned out to be perfect. This was my first year to do this local run with just my cane and I was able to shave over 9 minutes off my time from Ottawa last year and came in with a time of 1:13:15. This course however was much easier then Ottawa as it is very flat. Again around the 2k mark I asked myself why was I doing this as I just wanted to stop. It’s weird as I know even abled bodied I used to ask myself the same question. We all had a great time and the 4 of us will head to Toronto on May 5th to do it all over again. I’m happy and I still see progress, a big thank you to Marie Andree from the Ottawa General hospital for all the balance training she gave me last December. Now back to training for my next two runs…if I could just figure out how to go faster, I wonder if I could ever break the hour mark….hmmmmmm!

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