Pitter Patter lets get at it!


Sunday April 22, 2013 will be my fourth time (third disabled) participating in our local fund raising run for Belleville Community Policing. The Pitter Patter run is  special to us as I ran in this event with Marijo 5 years ago able bodied with both of us completing in the 10 km. Becoming disabled I completed 2011 pushing and hanging on for dear life to a 4 wheeled walker. 2012 saw me lose the walker and graduate to crutches. On Sunday I will throw away the crutches and use a single cane. My times get slower and slower as each improvement requires more strength and energy but I call it progress. Each year Marijo’s Mom has gone around with me and she’s now 85. The first year she beat me and I edged her out last year so this year is really going to be a grudge match….ha! My grandson Liam who is one will go around with me for the third time (first year he was in his Mom’s tummy). My goal and yes I always have goals as I can’t shake the whole competitiveness thing is to beat 1 hr 22 mins (and Marijo’s mom of course) which was my time in Ottawa last year doing this same distance with a cane. Marijo and I head off to Toronto in two weeks to participate in the Toronto Goodlife Marathon. She will run in her 3rd 1/2 marathon and me my 5th 5k. Next years possible goal…..maybe the 10 k!

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