Bahamas with a disabilty….incredible!

Marijo and I have just returned from a relaxing trip to the Bahamas. Bahamas is special to us as it’s where we went for our honeymoon. So two years later we return on what I would call a trip of a life time. I’m still experimenting traveling disabled and this time around due to the nature of the trip we decided to ditch the wheelchair and the left leg and just go with two arm crutches and a right leg. I also brought a left arm extension that allows me to scoot along the ground easier with my arms being the same length. We flew Westjet (which I love) and arrived in Nassau to quickly transfer to Bahama Air for the short 45 minute flight to George Town in the Exumas. We spent a couple of days at a hotel called Hideaways at Palm Bay. Then our real adventure started as we were to sail the beautiful waters of the Bahamas aboard a 47′ Catamaran sailboat named “Bikini” being the guest of John & Nancy who just happens to be Marijo’s brother and sister-in-law. The weather was amazing and it was so nice to feel the heat and have our days filled with sunshine a nice escape from the greyness of winter in Canada. The water is what catches your eyes down there as several shades of blue dance before you. Now moving around wasn’t always easy and stuff I was doing might not be so easy once my eighties arrive but with help from everyone I think I did a good job scooting around on my butt for 7 days. Once anchored each day we often went on some scary, crazy fun dingy rides and shared thoughts and laughter each time they were done. We saw so many island as we sailed pretty much everyday. An island usually has the last name of Cay pronounced ‘key”. We saw island’s for Johnny Depp and David Copperfield to rich Saudi oil barons. Mega yachts to tiny sailboats to tall ships were all common sites. We ate like kings each day with nite time meals being special as Nancy is pretty much a gourmet chef. Lobster, steak, crabs, fish always accompanied with great wine. On our last day we returned for one to land arriving in Nassau, Cable Beach, Sheraton hotel before flying back home. The Sheraton was a beautiful property although a bit pricy in the food and beverage areas. I managed 10 days with out a wheel chair, I swam in the ocean with the aid of a specially designed flipper for my left arm. I got up the stairs (which was difficult) on the BahamaAir plane…they have some disability work to do. We loved the Bahamas and hope it’s not our last trip. Sailors are such nice people and so respectful of their environment. It was not uncommon to be in bed at 9pm surrounded by thirty boats in the pitch dark and not hear a sound. You want to distress…..consider sailing! Traveling always gets my mind churning when it comes to disabilities and I’m confident it will get better and better. Thank you Captain John & First mate Nancy you make dreams come true!

One thought on “Bahamas with a disabilty….incredible!

  1. kns544 April 27, 2013 at 7:21 pm Reply

    Love these photos. I love to see people enjoying life to the fullest. 🙂

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