Expensive coffee!

IMG_7539This morning was a different sort of a day. I was meeting my good friend Fletch for a coffee at our favorite hangout in Trenton called “The Grind”. It was snowing like crazy as I hobbled up to the doors of the Grind and knew that because it was slippery might give me some trouble. A complete stranger gets out of his vehicle and rushes up to me offering to open up both the doors that I needed open. I was only on my one leg and sliding around a bit with the clumsiness of carry my laptop. His kindness and thought fullness touched my heart. Now Marijo and I switched cars today as mine was low on gas and upon arriving at the Grind I realized my disabled parking permit was not with me. With the snow and ice the handicap parking spot just looked to darn close and tempting and I said ah what the heck I’m disabled it’s mean’t for me anyway. Fletch arrives and while were enjoying our brew …you guess it the parking patrol comes along and gives me a ticket. I couldn’t get to him or didn’t feel like moving from my comfortable chair but Fletch was able to talk with him as he passed our location pleading my case. When I got to the car I asked Fletch to pull the ticket from under the wiper and said what’s the amount? $10…$20….he say’s nope but when you say $300 you can stop!

So before you get feeling all sorry for me (or having a chuckle) they did tell me if I brought in my permit there would be no charge. A part of me was happy to see my cherished parking spots were being guarded so well from the able bodied and part of me was thinking how ironic that I could get such a hefty ticket. There’ s no blame here, my own fault but just a word of caution if you think your going to park in my spot next time….the coffee better be good.

2 thoughts on “Expensive coffee!

  1. Marie Andrée March 15, 2013 at 10:45 pm Reply

    Bryan, you need a purse to carry your parking permit!!! 👜
    But how come you didn’t use both prostheses ? 😉

  2. hab4evr March 16, 2013 at 1:48 am Reply


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