Stefan Samoila


I first met Stefan Samoila while attending a fund raiser for Cyndi Desjardins a good friend of mine who also got Fleash eating. Stefan immediately gets you with his smile and his determination. Stefan lives in Toronto with his wife Violeta and son Kevin. Stefan lost his legs in a very unfortunate train accident. Due to the severity of his amputations to both legs he settled into a life of simply using a wheel chair to get around. A few years later Stefan then decided to ditch the chair and he focussed on using leg prosthesis to get around. I also had the pleasure of being on the same movie set in the new remake of RoboCop due to be released in Feb 2014. We were background extra’s and had so much fun being on the set. We completed our 2012 visit’s by both being entered in the Ottawa Amy run in the 5km portion. Stefan then went on to walk all the way up the CN Tower in Toronto and back down. Stefan inspires me to want to take my walking to a new level…I’m very proud to call him a friend. Below is the opening excerpt to his website. Please take a look his is truly an inspirational story!

Stefan Samoila was born in February 1975 in the town of Buzau, Romania. After finishing high school in his hometown he went to the city of Constantza to pursue his dream of being a navy officer. He finished the Naval Academy in 1998 and just before the dream became a reality for him, a tragic accident ….read more

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