Heavy snow fear not……just call Amp Man!

IMG_7535The snow fell this past two days as winter wants to give us a gentle reminder that she’s still here. In my world snow and ice are not always my friends as once house bound I can sometimes feel the dark clouds roll in. Even in my able bodied days around this time of year I yearned to go on that sun filled vacation if nothing more then to recharge the batteries. Marijo loves to shovel snow (really who likes that?) but even today the heaviness of it got to her as she was pleading with me to find someone with a snow blower. Off to work she went and I took it as a challenge to see what I could do about all this snow. 2 hours later one small scoop after the other I got most of it out of the path of where the cars needed to be. All the working out at One to One Fitness must be paying off. Summer loved it and I was sore but smiling once complete. The wheel chair took me around and around back and forth. I don’t often lie however I’m going to tell Marijo that I found that guardian angel with the snow blower. I simply can not afford to tell her that I am capable of shoveling a driveway. Anyone need their driveway shoveled?


House hunting: We have decided that winter does not favor Marijo with her fairly lengthy commute to work. We love our little community of Belleville but a more central location to Brighton will save us a few bucks on gas and give her back some cherished time. From a disability perspective I found myself sad as we looked at a beautiful home that suited our needs but the doorway’s seemed narrow, plush carpeting too plush for a wheel chair, bathrooms that didn’t configure well for me. Stairs from the garage and into a beautifully finished basement as well as to outdoor deck. The driveway was not flat and I realized what would have been a dream home able bodied simply would not work in my current state. All of this can be overcome but we look at everything with a different set of eyes now.

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