Cyndi Desjardins

I first heard of Cyndi Desjardins from Marijo’s sister who said to me “Hey, there’s a lady on the front page of the Toronto Star who had Flesh Eating”. I was freshly out of the hospital and was very curious to hear of another who had been through something similar to me. I was able to make contact with her via her friends and the rest has been a friendship that will always be of equal understanding to what we experienced. She plays it down but just by how she lives life she inspires me. She’s given me guidance on public speaking and if you should ever have the oppurtunity to go listen to her at a speaking function it will be well worth your time. I’ll direct you to her website where you can get it all in her own words. She is a blogger and gives very insightful perspectives of her new challenges going forward. Cyndi has also written a book and her website will explain more on how you can get your own copy. Click here to go to Cyndi’s website.

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