Fill ‘er up ma’am…I mean ‘sir’

Today didn’t start off so well in my world. Marijo went off to do her normal Sat morning Pilates class at Mindful Movements. I was to go to the Quinte Wellness Center and walk my 2km around the track and pick her up. My prosthetist had dropped me off a new right leg this week and I was going to try it out. This new leg has a pinned liner, which allows me to wear it without an outer sleeve, thus being more comfortable. Once I finished dressing, I discovered my legs were now different heights which posed a bit of a problem. I undressed and redressed grabbing my regular right leg but I had to take a matching shoe off one leg to put back on otherwise my feet would have to different shoes. I quickly found out that it is not possible for me to tie up laces….funny what not having fingers and missing a hand will do for a person. Regardless, I got around to finally picking Marijo up (took me the entire time to get myself straightened around, so I never did make it to the wellness center after all) and we did some of our regular Saturday morning shopping, ending it with a stop at a local gas station. Last night I had read a Facebook posting that a dear friend of mine Cyndi Desjardins who also went through Flesh Eating, losing all four limbs had filled her own her vehicle with gas. I always feel bad going to a gas station with Marijo  as she always has to get out of the car and pump the gas. I suspect there may have been a comment here and there from observers wondering why I was sitting in the car while my wife did the work. So today after having been inspired by Cyndi I got out of the car – unaided – and filled it up….feeling like a little boy grinning ear to ear. I’m also wondering if maybe I shouldn’t just have kept this new-found skill a bit of a secret….:)

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