Small victories, but victories nonetheless…

I don’t usually get terribly excited about making New Years resolutions. This year I told Marijo that I didn’t want the focus of our life together to be about my disability. I want to still try very hard to continue down a road of progress (and I will) but I think I will do it a little more silently. I enjoy writing a blog from time to time and like sharing things about my life and where I’m heading but I’m going to try to keep it focused on that. I have no legs and for sure lack an arm and finger tips but some of my healing will be to simply accept and figure out the best way to live life like that and I think we’re going to be ok. Marijo and I have one more major speech at the end of the month that were really looking forward to and then we have decided to put the speaking circuit on hold.

In my disability world winter’s not often fun. I tend to get a little house-bound as I’m fearful of slipping outside. For the most part, you can’t get a wheelchair down the sidewalks due to snow and ice. I can’t take my puppy to her regular park for exercise. However some really fun stuff has happened to me since coming back from the Ottawa Rehab Centre. As much as I was there to improve my physical walking abilities something more important happened to my mental state (don’t laugh). I’ve come home with such a powerful desire to tame my left leg and have it become a part of my regular daily living…thank you to my physiotherapist Marie Andree!

A couple of small (or big) victories I would like to share:

Yesterday – with both my legs on – I prepared some lunch by grabbing it from the fridge and I carrying it to the living room (I did have my cane). I sat down on the couch and I managed to not drop anything. I know it seems silly, but I felt myself get very emotional that I accomplish this tiny feat.

I went to see my Dad in the hospital this week using only a cane and today I scraped off the frost on my windshield using no crutches.

I went to Canadian Tire and the Quinte Mall to get my Dad a birthday gift and I stopped to talk to people all while on both legs with just a cane. Finally I went to the best fitness club in BellevilleOne-to-One (they treat me so well there) – and renewed my commitment to getting bigger, better, faster! 2013 is going to be an exciting year.

One last story – some members of Marijo’s family like to call me cheap. They call me bad names like ‘Logistical Larry’, ‘Budget Barry’ and ‘Frugal Fred’. Well today Fred died, so it’s one less name they can call me. Here’s how it happened: Marijo sent me to the Mall to get a small canister of tea refilled at a great little tea shop called “Teavana“. Fred wasn’t paying much attention as the lady mixed a couple of teas together and filled the canister. Now Larry did notice it was only 3/4’s full and, to save further trips, asked if they could mix up some more and fill the container to the top. Barry figured this would be well inside of the monthly budget limit. Now I repeat this container was by no way large, Well…while Fred had his eyes down and was reaching for his wallet he heard a soft voice from behind the counter say, “that will be $46 dollars sir”.

Fred never said anything but a short gasp could be heard if you were close enough to him. Fred never made it out of the store and I’m not totally sure he is with us anymore. Barry and Larry are furious and will be speaking to the young Irish woman when she gets home.

Small victories, but victories nonetheless…


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