Three Weeks in Ottawa Rehab

Just before Christmas holidays, I finished three weeks at the Ottawa General in the Rehab Centre. I tell Marijo it’s an all inclusive resort as I quite enjoyed all my meals being brought before me. I was only booked to stay for 2 weeks but earned my third week there as they felt I was progressing nicely and thought an additional week would be  beneficial. I feel like I’ve really improved my balance, can sit and stand up better and can handle uneven terrain better. For sure winter will always be a challenge but it is for a lot of folks. What a top notch facility I have been so blessed to have attended. Many thanks to Marie Andree for being a great teacher. I arrived home on the Thursday before the holidays to finally be with Marijo and Summer. This year we spent Christmas at Ste. Anne’s for 2 days. It’s always a good time – meeting and spending time with Marijo’s side of the family. Wishing everyone the best for the New Year. It’s been a great year and we look forward to 2013 being even better.

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