Can you be excited to go back to the hospital? Yes!

Looks like I will be going to the Ottawa Rehab Hospital for two weeks. I am still searching for how far I want to travel down the rehabilitation road in regards to improving my ability to walk. Can it be improved? Can it be more comfortable? Can it become 2nd nature? St. Mary’s Rehabhas told me that they have taken me as far as they can, so I have been looking for quite a while at other facilities that may be able to take me to another level.Ottawa Rehab Facility has the privilege of working with many injured soldiers. They have worked with a number of people with my degree of disability and have a good understanding of what I can do to improve my walking.

On Oct 29th Marijo and I visitedthe Ottawa Rehab Hospital for the second time. The doctor felt I had improved enough on my strengthening and walking from the first time she saw me in early 2012, that she felt I could benefit from their expertise and facility.

So, sometime between now and Christmas I will be admitted to the hospital during the week for intensive walking therapy. They want to start with 2 consecutive weeks of training. I will attend extensive workouts twice daily where I will practice balance, gait training etc. If improvements are noticed we will have the option to re visit next steps. Depending on my progress I willeither stay a bit longer or accept that I am at the limit of my abilities. I’m so excited to be given this opportunity and look forward to seeing where I can go working with this team.

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