I’m with Robo Cop


Every time I told someone that I was going to be on

the set of Robocop this week they laughed at me and said “no way”, “stop kidding around”. But it’s the truth! I was fortunate to be an extra on the filming of Robocop this Tuesday past in Toronto. It’s a remake of the original Robocop movie that came out in 1987. They were shooting a couple of scenes that required a number of amputees in a rehab gym facility.

So Marijo took the day off work and we scooted to Centennial College in Toronto. It was a very exciting day right from the start and so professional. We had an early morning (5:45 am) shuttle van ride to location, shortly after getting checked-in, I was whisked off for a bit of light make up, then to  wardrobe and back to the holding area where there were another 30 or so amputees and extras. We waited together for our big moment on the set.

There were a few big name actors: Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson. It was neat standing beside Michael Keaton, which I got to do a good part of the day. I was surprised that he wasn’t that big of a guy.

Even though we only shot a couple of scenes, it actually took 12 hours to do, as it took a long time to set up and then we would do several takes. I was in the background with other extras, play acting.

Directors and Assistant Directors were barking orders – if you had a hair out of place or a wardrobe issue people would rush over and make an adjustment.

What an experience.

The movie does not air until August 13th, 2013 (now delayed until Feb 14th 2014). I can’t wait! I’m not even sure I’ll be in the final edit, but it will still be neat to see the scene that I was there for. Just another day-in-the-life of an amputee….autographs anybody? 🙂

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