Summer..The Party Pooper

I’m so thrilled with how sailboat racing is going this year. This past weekend the John Farrel Regatta was held in Hamilton, Ontario. The regatta is the Ontario Provincials for Martin 16 (our boats) for disabled sailors.

I came in first place in the Silver Division and my teammate, Claire Adams, came in third. Brett Lyons, who moved up a division to Gold this year, did quite well for his first crack at this tougher division and came in 4th. Now we sit back and wait for Mobility Cup held in Nepean, Ontario, Sept 10-14th. This is an International regatta, attracting sailors from all over the world. I hope my time in the Silver division will come to a close this year as I want very much to move up to the Gold division.

Now I have to tell you a funny story…our puppy, Summer, who is now 7 months old, is becoming quite acclimatized to the whole sailboat scene. She is a social hit with all of my sailing family. While we were sailing in Hamilton, a wedding party came to the Yacht Club to take photos of their special day. Well Summer waited until they were all down by the water and in their photography pose with the entire wedding party. She then promptly ran and got right in front of the bride (I was terrified that she was going to jump up on the bride) and decided this was an ideal place to have a dump. Marijo was in getting me a drink at the time, so missed the show, but we all had a good laugh as Marijo did a mad dash to the wedding party with plastic bag in hand.

On Sept 23rd Marijo and I will go to Ottawa to run in a 5km(me) and 21km(Mj) military run. Both of us are now in strict training.

I submitted my personal story for a contest in a running magazine called irun and it was chosen be published in the fall. As a prize I will be accompanied by a military person for my 5 k walk.

My son Michael and his beautiful wife Reem will soon welcome a little girl to this world so we are all waiting to know her name…so exciting…life is beautiful.

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