My first visit to the West Coast – Vancouver

Well another bit of travel and more disability experiences. Jo and I along with my sister and brother-in-law winged our way to Vancouver. A first for me as I had never been to British Columbia. We decided to not take my left leg or my wheelchair on this excursion, and instead rented a scooter for the disabled. It worked very well for us. I was able to traverse the streets of Vancouver easily with the scooter and no one had to exert any energy pushing me around.

Within 6 hours of arriving we ended up being interviewed by a small radio station telling our story. What a unique experience and I actually quite enjoyed it as they blended my medical story and our love story together.

If you are interested in listening to the interview click here and use following log in and password to be able to download the MP3.

login: bryan_radio, password: bryan. It’s about 30 minutes in length and starts with a song by Royal Wood.

My sister and Marijo each had daughters to visit in Vancouver. It was nice to see them and catch up on their lives and grow relationships.

We did all the touristy stuff like seeing Canada Place (where the Olympic torch was lit), Gas town, Stanley Park.

From my observation, Vancouver is incredibly beautiful – a city full of glass. I found the people very friendly with many smiles from complete strangers. We didn’t see the sun much as there seemed to be a constant cover of cloud on the city.

For me the surprise of the trip was Mj prearranging a private sailboat charter around the out the outlying waters of the city. Jeremy (the captain) allowed me to navigate for a good distance. It was fun to sail a larger boat then our tiny racers that we are used to. Jo also put together a photo book of our first 365 days together as man and wife. As a treat we also got to all go see Russell Peters a Canadian comedian from Brampton who performed at the Rogers Arena (where the Vancouver Canucks play).

It was sad to say goodbye to the daughters and we hope to see Marijo’s daughter, Adina, next at Christmas.

It was nice to return to pick up our little puppy who I think was disappointed to be leaving all of her playmates.

Sailing starts for me in earnest now as I prepare for our first regatta in Nepean on July 7th. See you on the waters!

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