Summers arrived!

Well seems like it’s been a while since I last wrote. Things are going well for me and I’m still charging forward looking for the plateau…I hope I never find it. Much has happened so let me get right to it. From my last blog I made contact from a young man (32) that lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. Andre Kajlich lost both of his legs by a subway train while studying in Europe. His left leg completely (like mine) and his right leg above the knee. What was intriguing to me about Andre was hearing that he was walking using a single cane. He’s also a USA Paralympic athlete. We have exchanged a few e-mails but most importantly he has renewed my desire to keep at it. His legs are worse off then mine so since seeing video on him I have doubled my efforts to use just a cane for walking. I’m still a bit wobbly but I’m doing it. I’m working out three days a week at One To One Fitness here in Belleville and doing walking, biking and golfing on the side.

Speaking of golfing I did it ….broke 100 shooting a 99 at Trillium Woods (however I did shoot off the forward tees).  Sailing season with Quinte Sailability has started. This year we have racing regattas in Hamilton, Montreal and 2 in Ottawa. I will continue to learn the sport and hopefully move up a division next year.

My son Michael got married to a beautiful young lady by the name of Reem. They were married in Ottawa on a gorgeous day. Michael and Reem are expecting a young lady late in August to join a sister Hailey. Welcome to the Cuerrier family Reem & Hailey!

On a sad note, a gentleman from Belleville passed away last week after a short battle with Flesh Eating Disease. He worked with me at Procter & Gamble but had been retired for several years. It was sad for me hearing of his struggles and even sadder when he lost his battle. I hope one day soon necrotizing fasciitis will no longer be such a mysterious, devastating disease. All I can caution you on is this: if the end result is worse then the injury ie. a small cut or bruise that quickly worsens then please seek medical attention. Our condolences to the family.

Marijo and I will soon go to Vancouver to visit her youngest daughter Adina who is just finishing up her schooling. I’ve never been to BC and look quite forward to it’s beauty. I hope one day to complete the rest of what I have not visited which would be Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island.

Marijo and I are also entered into a run in Ottawa, called the Army Run, in Sept. It’s a big one put on by the Canadian Military. Mj will do her 2nd 1/2 marathon (21km). I will do 5km and will be in an amputee division. My goal is to do it just using my cane!


And lastly I have to tell you about our little puppy “Summer”. She is almost 5 months old. She has turned out to be an amazing addition to our household. We both love her so much. She really got me moving in and out of my chair. The first week home I was wondering what the heck we had done, but once she settled in, we have never looked back. She is half way through her second session with very talented trainer named “Grace” from Petsmart. She can already retrieve my car keys or cell phone if I drop them, can heel beside my wheel chair and easily picked up the commands  “stay” and “leave it”, “off”, etc. If you ever want to get moving again…get a dog!

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