– Coming Full Circle – Speaking to the OR Nurses at KGH

shapeimage_2-5Marijo and I gave our 9th speech on Friday, March 30th to the Kingston General Hospital Operating and Recovery Room, CPS and Same Day Admissions Nursing Staff.

When I first started doing speeches, it was a challenge for me to retell the parts of my journey that happened when I was in a coma. About speech number 5 we decided it might be better if Marijo were to talk about the experience from her perspective. We think it’s going pretty well and we’re starting to get more and more comfortable with it.

This particular group of people really touched us. I would say there were 50 to 60 people. It was held at Queens University New Medical School Building in Kingston. A very impressive building that I actually watched being built, during my stay at KGH in 2010.

The audience was mostly women, with a few men in the back, all who work each day in the operating or recovery rooms of KGH, as well as their support staff.

For Marijo and I, we actually had never met anyone in the room prior to speaking, as most of my surgeries were done in the first 3 weeks when I was unconscious and Marijo did not come to the operating room with me. It was wonderful for us to meet them to say thanks for all their efforts in saving my life.

For them, they don’t get the opportunity to know who their patients are, and often never hear of them again once they are wheeled out. They just see a person, basically lifeless, and work together to try and make them better.

There was even a woman in the room who spoke to us that was present in the operating room when they amputated my hand. Marijo said that for her it was a wonderful experience to listen to this nurse as she spoke, because she knew now that when Bryan left ICU to have that operation, there was a caring person waiting for him in the O.R..

What an honour it was for the two of us to come back and give an update on where we are today. They cried to hear our story, and we cried telling it. Many staff at the hospital were deeply affected by my stay there and really struggled with whether it was the best thing to take so much from me, just so I could live. It was a healing experience for many, as they saw where we were now and how much we enjoy life.

They are beautiful people that need to hear more often how much they are appreciated. Again I say thanks….they make me smile and I wish each and everyone of them the very best in their careers and lives.

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