Travelling in a wheel chair

Although I wish I had my legs there are many perks to traveling without them! We just arrived home from a trip to Cancun, Mexico this past week. We stayed at a resort called Ocean Turquesa and I have since written a review on Trip Advisor from a disability standpoint.


We really enjoyed the resort. It had an organic interior design that was enjoyed by Marijo, good food and we met many nice people. We spent a lot of time laughing as I practiced my french with Edith and Lynn. They were a pair of sisters from Rimouski, Quebec, that we met while there. Edith is a painter and together with her sister they run a beauty salon. We were hoping to put links to their salon, but have misplaced their business cards (Edith or Lynn – email me!).


The beach was a typical Mexican beach, a bit rough and seaweed-lined, but we don’t use a beach much anymore, so we didn’t mind that aspect. I did manage to hobble onto the beach which was a new first for me since loosing my legs. From a disability point of view, you are always having to think ahead to possible obstacles and challenges when travelling. We did our homework and all went well.


One of my biggest stress-factors when travelling, even if it’s just in the car, is the bathroom. I try to not have any liquids before a trip so that needing to use a bathroom is minimized. Airport check-in and security is a breeze as we are directed to a special line up reserved for crew and disabled only. Upon returning to Toronto there must have been 1,500 people waiting to clear customs. It would have been at least and hours wait…..yup that’s right… we went right to the front of the line and were first out the door. When we arrived at the resort, the power was out for the first few hours, so two big burly staff picked me up in my wheelchair and carried me to the third floor! What service! So the morale of this story is that if you need a buddy to travel with and your willing to pay, I can get you to the front of the line!


Marijo and I have decided that all-inclusive type resort holidays are not for us anymore, so we are planning for a spring 2013 rail vacation through Europe.


I had a speaking engagement at St Mark’s United Church upon arriving home from our vacation.


I have just completed my first winter sit-skiing season and look forward to next year when hopefully I will become independent enough to loose the tethering.


I also sat in on my first committee meeting at St Mary’s of the Lake. I was asked to be a client representative in regards to health and safety matters….we meet quarterly.


We have started training for Pitter Patter in April, and I am aiming to do the 5K with 2 crutches, but by the race, I may be good enough to drop a crutch. Marijo will do the 10K again and her Mom will walk again. An exciting addition this year will be my daughter Jennifer and grandson Liam will escort me and Marijo’s daughter Dmitri is training to do the 5K for the first time.

We get our new puppy “Summer” this weekend and are very excited. She is a chocolate lab, bred by my Marijo’s nephew. I think he has 4 left if anyone is interested, click here for the Kijiji ad.
Spring is almost here and Summer is even closer!

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