Silliness, Speeches, Skiing ‘n Summer


On January 19th, Marijo & I had the opportunity to speak to the Belleville Sunrise Rotary Group at the Bay of Quinte Golf Course. This was Mj’s first time speaking with me and I thought it went very well.

Seven days later we had another opportunity to speak in Kingston to a large group from Cruickshank Construction at the Ambassador Hotel. Click here for a short clip of me making fun of my uncle Reid in the Cruikshank Speech. Our speaking is starting to take on more of an inspirational flavour, focusing more on life then my hospital adventure. Many nice people with many compliments at the end of each event. If you might like to see the accompanying new video of our story please click here. It’s to the same song ‘Risk’, but a different message.

We went to see our new little puppy that we have named ‘Summer’. She is a Chocolate Lab and is just over 2 weeks old. Summer is the smallest of her 8 siblings. We will bring her home to Belleville around mid-March. We also had a great day of skiing today – returning to the original hill where Marijo taught me how to ski 2 years ago. Bricombe ski club (formerly Oshawa Kirby) offers a Sit-Ski program operated by C.A.D.S.. I loved it so much that we signed up to go every Sunday until March 7th. It was so wonderful to be going down those hills again. We made 7 runs. It is totally safe as I have one person hanging on to my Sit-Ski and another behind him tethered to me and two more spotters are on the lookout directing traffic. It brought a tear to my eye that these big strong men were volunteering their time so that I could enjoy some fun in the sunshine and fresh air. Marijo got to ski with me close by. The goal is to go down the hill independently ….stay tuned! If you would like to see us on the hill, there is a short video below.

There doesn’t seem to be too many boring days in my life anymore….love it!

ps…the silly is me putting on a wig with my honey – wigs compliments of Liz Wallace a good friend of ours.

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