Housebound in January


Well we’re getting into winter, not a good thing always for a person in a wheelchair or a person using crutches. The snow falls, the ice forms and you can quickly become housebound.

On Dec 22nd I took quite a tumble as I exited the house. My crutch slipped on a stride down the ramp and the result was a very sore arm that left me wheelchair bound for three weeks. So when I take inventory now, I realize I have to do everything to protect my arms as they allow me to walk.

Just like other parts of life when we take inventory of what we have. Whether it’s our mind, body, job, family or relationships they all need to be cared for. As a result of my fall, we now have metal teeth attachments on the end of my crutches and my shoes have a foot harness with little spikes in them…bring on the ice!

January can be a dull month. It is important for me to stay busy this time of year. I suspect many are planning trips south to get some heat and sun and to flee the stress that the festive season can cause. Marijo and I are planning a trip in February – possibly Jamaica.

We also have several speaking engagements lined up. Marijo, who has played a big part in getting me living again, will be a part of the speaking. We have revamped the speech that we did a few times last year –  removing a lot of the hospital story – and changed the focus to more of an inspirational story. While preparing for a speech, there are many hours of practice over a cup of coffee at night as we work through what it is that we have to say.

The new year brought with it a realization that I need to find an expert who can assess my walking. I have been feeling like I have plateaued and if the goal is to walk without crutches we need some expert advise. I have been busy contacting Rehab Centers in Toronto, Ottawa and Miami.

We are hoping to bring a puppy home this spring  – she was just born a week ago. She is a chocolate lab, and we are thinking of naming her Summer. She will hopefully be ours around the first of March.

This upcoming weekend will be shared with good friends as we watch my beloved Habs try and beat the hated Leafs. The loser of the bet has to wear the others jersey to breakfast the next morning…stay tuned for photos and hopefully they are not of me in a Leafs sweater.

One last bit of info and it makes me smile the most. Another grandchild is in the oven but I’m sworn to secrecy thus, at this point, I won’t mention names… is grand….enjoy it!

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